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Journey towards self-discovery referred to as yoga retreat. Inlighten is very much motivated by the traditional Indian spiritual yoga practice of looking deep within the Self for answers to questions of existence and being .Retreats India are loyal to assist our guests achieve a perfect balance in body, mind and spirit, through the medium of Yoga. Retreats India has an astonishing effect on our body and mind. Retreats India gives you a peaceful treat, making it easier to relax and connect it with your true self. We begin to feel its restorative, rejuvenate effects.


  • In this world wide web of confusion, there's a voice that heralds reason and inspiration. It replaces confusion with clarity, fear with fortitude and imbues all experiences with spirit. This powerfulvoice belongs to Ruby Bedi.
    Bob Dhillon, President & CEO
  • I first met Inder Siddhu in 2004, over the years we have become good friends, Inder has inspired me, his contribution has added value and helped many on the island. clients
    Elsa Pas
  • Call her a healer, call her an oracle, call her a mystic or spiritual intuitive, Ruby Bedi defies definition...
    Janet Mathews

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Spiritual Awakening with Inder

Spiritual Awakening with Ruby Bedi

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Inlighten Classes

Inlighten, a non-profit organization directing towards wholesome wellness has been on a never-ending search to bring various individuals and corporates to a common platform where they can share their dreams and desires and restructure it under the powerful guidance of the mystic guides Inder and Ruby. The classes amidst the higher vibrations of the masters help the attendees access their vast power and intelligence to create a life they desire.
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Every individual or corporation envisions a perfect life or an outcome whether it be wealth, health or simply peace, joy and harmony. The gap between where we are and where we think we should be creates stress, lack of clarity, low energy and loss of focus. Unmet expectations often cloud our vision with mistrust, inconsistency and incompatibility.
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Yoga is all about finding the Self within the physical appearance. Yoga connects both in a system concreted by the masters of wisdom. With over twenty years of commitment and extensive work in health and healing across Asia and North America, the Inlighten masters have been on this way following the footsteps of an ancient vision. Hence works their unique system of connecting and awakening amazingly among the masses.
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Our Movement

The earth is heaven for the beings that live on it. Every species on earth has its place in the circle of life. To heal our planet, citizens, and create a better world is what the Inlighten masters are looking forward. They host special events to bring a group of citizens together in a single venue to share their thoughts and desires. Based on the premise that if the individual can focus on creating a better world even just for an hour, the session creates a radical shift in the collective consciousness of a city opens the possibility for bigger and better things to come.
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It is best to start with meditation because practicing meditation provides the tools to adopt other favorable lifestyle changes in a sound and actual way. In Inlighten event we briefly discuss the influences of daily stresses on our body and consciousness – at the individual and collective level – and then share powerful insights that can cause a radical shift in our consciousness. The event concludes with a brief session in which attendees are guided through a visualization technique that enables everyone to collectively put their intention, followed by a time of silence to allow healing to take place.
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At Inlighten , we offer a variety of workshops to complement your regular practice at the studio. This is not a religious or environmentally-oriented event, rather it is an occasion where like-minded citizens come together and put their desire for a better world into action. Once the healing is complete, we commit to ourselves to creating a better world collectively.
We can design healing events specific to your needs and requirements.
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